FASTRACK UNIVERSITY COURSES (Beginner / Intermediate / Advance / Expert)


Devised to advance trackday riders, the Fastrack Riders University (FRU) is a result of shear passion of the sport, and common shared vision of giving back to the community by educating and helping as many riders as possible.

FRU’s core objective is to drastically reduce the potential for unnecessary mistakes at high speeds and eliminate the mistake of forcefully achieving faster lap times by way of the unknown. FRU will accelerate the understanding of ride “feel” and rider confidence, with the goal to reduce costly mistakes made from blindly trying to increase speed in the wrong ways.

By understanding the essential building blocks of advanced feedback, predictive awareness, base consistency, grip and handling optimization, FRU will put riders on the Fastrack towards their goals. Whether out to win races, advance to the next level, or simply ride with a wider margin for error, FRU is the optimum ticket to performance Superbike riding.

The Fastrack Riders University will be led by Eric Bostrom, in collaboration with Jake Zemke, Chris Ulrich, Jeremy Toye and Chris Fillmore. The Program will be offered only to intermediate and advanced riders and will take place during 1 day of every Fastrack Weekend Event in 2017. Riders can attend as many or as few as desired. Participants will ride in their own private group (limited to 16 FRU students) during the scheduled trackday event. Coaches will incorporate the same technologically advanced tools used in the Fastrack Riders Academy, such as: Videos, In-helmet communications, and telemetry data for lean angle, corner speed, braking and acceleration, speed gates, splits, laptimes, race lines.

Riders will receive an assessment by the end of the course, and Certifications will be available upon request with advance notices. There are 4 levels of Certifications:

  • Amateur
  • Probationary Expert
  • Expert
  • Semi-Pro

Riders will undergo testing to obtain the desired Racer Level Certification. These certifications will be accredited at participating race organizations where the rider can race at the FRU Certified equivalent level.


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