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Track Size: Two-mile D-shaped oval
Track Width: 75 feet wide with 15-foot apron, Turns 1-2; 3-4: 14-degree banking
Front Stretch: 11-degree banking; 3100 feet in length
Back Straightaway: 3-degree banking; 2500 feet in length

Road Course:
Interior Test Circuit 13 turns, 1.45 miles
Auto Competition Course 21 turns, 2.8 miles
Motorcycle Competition Course 21 turns, 2.36 miles
Garages: 3 MAIN garages building, with a total of 100 spaces

General: Composition: Asphalt track, pit lane and parking areas; concrete pit stalls
Pit Road: 2200 feet in length with 44 individual pit areas
Access: All roads leading to infield track area are fully paved.


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Phone:    (877) 560-2233
P.O. Box 270251, San Diego, CA 92198

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