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San Diego, CA May 27 2015 – Fastrack Riders and Keigwins@TheTrack join forces to produce the largest trackday organization coverage and most extensive schedule in the country. Fastrack Owner Imad Samhat explains, “We wanted to seek a partner that shares our mission/values and caters to the similar demographics and customer needs. We will have a few events added to the schedule this year and many more for the following year… continue reading


Dear Fastrack Riders Members,

As the Official Tire Warmer of Fastrack Riders, Chicken Hawk Racing welcomes you to the 2015 season. CHR is proud to support Fastrack Riders and Members for the next 3 seasons!  Pay attention at your Rider’s Meetings where discount coupons on our products will be given away. Also, with each newsletter, be sure to find your members-only discount coupon below. And now, it gives us great pleasure to announce our ALL-NEW 2015 Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmer Model Lineup

We now have THREE different Lines to fit your needs & budget!

Our line-up starts with the Classic Line.

Now, more affordable than ever, the Privateer Line is perfect for the trackday rider & for the amateur racer!

For serious racers the new Professional Line (which was only available to Factory Race Teams) is available to public in addition to the Classic CHR product (which was available in 2014).

Each grade of product (Privateer, Classic & Professional) is available in three models (single temp, multi temp & Digital) with the differences being the sophistication of the Heating Element and the materials used in the construction.

Company founder, David Podolsky, said “The industrial heating side of our business has grown so much in the last several years, it provided us with new technology that we wanted to put into the tire warmers, but couldn’t due to cost. Now, with the Professional line of tire warmers, we can offer same World-Class product that we have been providing to World Champions to all racers. We are ever mindful that new riders/racers are cbudget conscious, so we developed a more affordable option that offers great pricing but with better quality than the imported products we often see in paddock. Our new Privateer line of tire warmers provides a solid & reliable option for the more cost-onscientious racer.”

The Classic & Professional lines are only available direct from Chicken Hawk Racing or through one of their Dealer Direct suppliers.

To support these two higher end lines, CHR has established “dealer shipping points,” where product is stocked and can be shipped directly to customers. Current dealer shipping points include EDR Motorsports, Friction Racing Zone, and South Central Race Center, which are serving the West Coast and Texas regions. For more information about these two new exciting lines of tire warmers ,or to become a CHR Dealer, contact 866-HOT-TIRE.


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