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Our car events are semi-private and we run small groups (by design), participants attended run without traffic and many participants reported new personal records. Everyone had a great time and we can’t wait for the next one.









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Four groups are as follows:

Level III

  • For highest level experienced car track day drivers
  • Open passing in allowed areas
  • No Point-by necessary (Point-by signaling not mandatory) and in allowed areas only

Level II

  • For experienced car track day drivers
  • Point-by passing only and in allowed areas only

Level I

  • For less experienced car track day drivers or experienced motorcycle track day riders with no car track day experience
  • Point-by passing only and in allowed areas only

Entry Level

  • For drivers with no track day experience
  • Point-by passing only and in allowed areas only



  • Required
  • Driver and passenger must be at least 18 years of age


  • Helmet (Snell 2005 or newer)
  • Cotton clothing
  • Closed-toed shoes


  • Must be eight inches tall
  • Placed in three areas:
    • Left side
    • Right side
    • Rear


  • AMB Transponders are provided
  • Preferred mounting:
    • Tow Hooks using two zip ties
    • Inside vehicle positioned standing upright, low to the ground, with minimal interference and secured so it doesn’t shift during session


The Following MUST be checked by participants and Tech FORMS completed (Print, Complete and Provide this form at Tech Station)

  • Helmet (Snell 2005 or newer)
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Cotton clothing
  • No loose items/debris in car
  • Factory installed Seatbelts or upgrade
  • All lugs torqued
  • Tires Good condition and sufficient tread for 6 sessions
  • Brakes lights working
  • Brake pads working
  • Wheel bearings good condition and no play
  • Rotors good condition and no cracks
  • Steering no play
  • Gas cap secure
  • Body panels secure
  • No Fluid leaks
  • Radiator/Reservoir Inspected
  • Wires/hoses secured
  • Battery properly secured
  • Battery terminals covered
  • Fluid levels checked
  • Fluid lines checked


  • Must have Factory rollover protection


  • Required



  • 7:00 AM – Tech and Registration Opens
  • 8:00 AM – Mandatory Drivers Meeting
  • 9:00 AM – Performance Driving Classroom (Mandatory for all Entry-Level group drivers)
  • 9:00 AM – Level III
  • 9:20 AM – Level II
  • 9:40 AM – Level I
  • 10:00 AM – Entry-Level
  • 10:20 AM – Level III
  • 10:40 AM – Level II
  • 10:40 AM – Performance Driving Classroom (Mandatory for all Entry-Level group drivers)
  • 11:00 AM – Level I
  • 11:20 AM – Entry-Level
  • 11:40 AM – Level III
  • 12:00 PM – Level II
  • 10:40 AM – Performance Driving Classroom (Optional for all Entry-Level group drivers)
  • 12:20 PM – Level I
  • 12:40 PM – Entry-Level
  • 1:00 PM – Level III
  • 1:20 PM – Level II
  • 1:40 PM – Level I
  • 2:00 PM – Entry-Level
  • 2:20 PM – Level III
  • 2:40 PM – Level II
  • 3:00 PM – Level I
  • 3:20 PM – Entry-Level
  • 3:40 PM – Level III
  • 4:00 PM – Level II
  • 4:20 PM – Level I
  • 4:40 PM – Entry-Level

2. Flags

  • Red flag = Slow to half pace and proceed to track exit
  • Black flag = Exit race line, pull to side of racetrack, keep helmet on, stay in car unless fire
  • Black flag with orange dot = Infraction, proceed to track exit
  • Yellow flag = Proceed with caution, no passing
  • Blue with Yellow Stripe = Provide point-by at next clear opportunity to allow car behind to pass
  • Green flag = Go

3. Driving Rules

  • Driver and passenger windows must remain rolled down/open entire time during session
  • Driver must provide point-by signal to faster cars/drivers
  • Cars may pass only in specified areas (applicable to all levels)
  • Areas authorized for passing
    • Between T21 and T3
    • Between T4 and T5
    • Between T6 and T7
    • Between T8 and T9
    • Between T11 and T12
  • Driver being passed must point-by for the passing driver by pointing to which side to pass on
    • Driver being passed is recommended ease off the throttle slightly if necessary to allow the passing driver to complete the pass safely before the next turn
    • Driver passing must provide at least 8 feet clearance between cars
  • Outlap
    • stay to the left (off the embankment) all the way and through turn three and four
  • Three hand signals:
    • Pass me on the left
    • Pass me on the right
    • I’m exiting the track

4. Should I bring my own gasoline?

91, 98 and 112 will be available at the ACS gas station which will be open from only between 10:30 am to 2:30 pm. Note that some cars will consume as much as 3 miles per gallon. There are gas stations within a 2 mile radius of the race track.

5. Can I drive my car to the track?


6. Can a friend come and watch?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it so they can assist you if there are problems with you or your car. Many drivers enjoy having their own rooting section that can take pictures of you flying around the track. Children under 14 are NOT allowed to operate or ride a motorized vehicle. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at Auto Club Speedway. Smoking is NOT permitted in any of the garages.

7. Do I need to bring food?

Guests can purchase lunch and snacks at all of our events through the contracted food vendor on site at all of our events in the event you do not wish to bring food or lunch. It is highly recommended to bring some energy snacks, lunch or money for lunch. Again, we strongly encourage you to pack a cooler with water, ice, energy bars, and energy drinks.

8. Private / Group Coaching

Available upon request contact our office for details. or 1-877-560-2233.

9. Photography

Cali Photography will be present at this event.

 10. What is your credit and return policy?


YOU, the CUSTOMER/RIDER expressly agree to be bound by the conditions, regarding FASTRACK RIDERS’ credit and return policy, its terms, waivers and conditions; and YOU expressly acknowledge your acceptance of the terms, waivers and conditions necessary for purchase and participation in a FASTRACK RIDERS’ event.

FASTRACK RIDERS reserves the right to change its policy without notice. No refunds will be given. Carry over credits will be issued to drivers canceling fourteen (14) days in advance of an event minus a $75.00 processing fee. The carry over credit will be good for only 6 months after YOUR cancellation and then it will expire. All cancellations must be done by phone. Cancellation will be effective only upon receipt of an authorization to cancel by a FASTRACK RIDERS’ representative. If YOU should fail to cancel within the fourteen (14) days in advance of the event, YOU will lose all money deposited. In the event of a no-show all money deposited will be forfeited. FASTRACK RIDERS has a “Rain or Shine” policy meaning FASTRACK RIDERS does not cancel events due to rain, wind or bad weather. If an event is cancelled, a carryover credit will be issued for a makeup event, only; and will only be good for that make up event, and may not be used at any other scheduled FASTRACK RIDERS’ events. This make up event will be arranged with the track provider and the event will be posted and the customer will be notified. FASTRACK RIDERS reserves the right to schedule the makeup event within 365 days of the cancelled event. The makeup event will be scheduled at a reasonable time for the CUSTOMER to be notified and to arrange to attend the date; however FASTRACK RIDERS does not guarantee nor does it take any responsibility for those who are unable to attend the makeup event due to any and all scheduling conflicts that could result. IF THE CUSTOMER FAILS TO ATTEND THE MAKE UP EVENT, FAILS TO CANCEL AND MISSES AN EVENT, THE CUSTOMER LOSES ALL OF HIS/HER FEES AND MONEY INITIALLY DEPOSITED. THE CUSTOMER BEARS THE RISK OF CANCELLED EVENTS AND HIS/HER BEING UNABLE TO ATTEND THE MAKE UP EVENT. There is a $75 returned check fee and a $75 fee for credit card charge backs; and FASTRACK RIDERS reserves the right to exercise every legal means possible to collect. In the event that FASTRACK RIDERS is forced to take legal action to collect fees that are due to FASTRACK RIDERS, YOU, the CUSTOMER agrees to be responsible for any and all legal fees and costs necessary to collect deposits, fees and monies arising out of returned checks, credit card charge backs and unpaid fees. YOU, the CUSTOMER covenants not to sue FASTRACK RIDERS and further agree not to take legal action with respect to payment disputes. YOU, the CUSTOMER grant FASTRACK RIDERS and its agent’s permission to use DRIVER’S image and/or likeness in connection with any photograph, video display, or other transmission and/or reproduction in whole or part of the event. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE.

By placing an order with Fastrack Riders, YOU the CUSTOMER hereby understand and acknowledge the terms above and expressly agree to be bound by FASTRACK RIDERS’ Credit and Return Policy; its Terms, Waivers and Conditions.


  1. Adhere to all flags and what they mean. This is the only way a driver can be communicated to telling them if something has happened on the track, debris in the next corner, something is wrong with their car which could cause them to crash, or their session is over. FLAGS are all about keeping drivers safe on the track so it is VERY IMPORTANT all riders follow the flag rules.
  2. Clean eight foot passing rule in effect at all times. Since it is only a track day there is no reason for close passing which could cause a driver to crash. It is common sense, being courteous, and the safe thing to do. Drivers have all day and twenty minute long sessions to get around a slower driver so there is no need to stuff a driver and take the chance of being involved in a crash.
  3. No intentional tire spins, drifts or donuts!
  4. Adhere to the passing rules based upon the group a driver is in.
  5. Proper entry and exit of the race track. The driver should always stay to the edge they are entering the track at till they are up to speed. Never enter a track and cut across the track as other drivers already on the track might be coming down the track and driver entering the track could get hit because they pulled into the line. When exiting the track, keep an arm up well before exiting the track and stay to the edge while keeping your speed up till off the track. NEVER CHANGE YOUR MIND WHEN EXITING AND GO BACK ONTO THE TRACK AFTER SIGNALLING TO EXIT!

These are just plain Common Sense

  1. NEVER STOP ON THE TRACK!Unless something happens right in front of a driver they should never ever stop on the track.
  2. NO CONSUMPTION OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WHILE DRIVING OR BETWEEN DRIVING SESSIONS! Alcohol and Drugs are not allowed at any time during this event.


Sorry, but if your car will not start, you forgot your key, your transportation to the track could not make it for any reason so you could not make it, forgot some gear, your car does not pass tech, you crash early and cannot drive, something breaks on your car, you injure yourself and cannot drive, or you thought the weather was going to be bad so you did not show. While we certainly sympathize with any of these occurrences, since you purchased a slot / ticket / space / seat which we reserved for you to ride with Fastrack Riders, there will be no refunds or credit given per our credit and return policy.


Monday through Friday 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM Sorry, we are closed Sundays and all holidays. If we are at the track we will not be able to answer your call, so please leave a message or send an email and we will get back to you in a prompt manner.

EVENT DATE___________________ E-MAIL___________________________________________________ Birth Year________________________ HEALTH INSURANCE CARRIER_________________________________ LAST NAME____________________________________ FIRST NAME___________________________________ ADDRESS_______________________________ CITY STATE ZIP_____________________________ PHONES (H) ________________________ (C) _______________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT EMERGENCY PHONE___________________________ SELECT GROUP (circle one) LEVEL 1 (fast) LEVEL 2 (faster) LEVEL 3 (fastest) $350. ENTRY Level Registration is Required for all first time on the track riders Add-
FASTRACK RIDERS’ CREDIT AND RETURN POLICY, ITS TERMS, WAIVERS AND CONDITIONS CONSENT FOR DISCLOSURE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION I hereby consent to the disclosure of information from the patient health care records of the above rider to Fastrack Riders Association, or their representatives, for the purpose of their analysis and use. This consent is for the disclosure of all patient health care records whose confidentiality is protected by Federal laws, as defined in 45 CFR ß 164.508 (HIPAA Authorization Requirements for Release of Protected Health Information), 42 CFR Part 2 (Federal Requirements for Release of Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse Program Records), 38 CFR Part 1 (Release of HIV/AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemia, Drug Abuse, Alcoholism or Alcohol Abuse records by the Department of Veteran Affairs), and Secs. 146.81and 51.30, Wis. Stats. These records include reports and findings relating to care, evaluation, testing, history, progress, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment, including summaries, team conference reports, medical, surgical, pathological, psychiatric, psychological, pharmaceutical, school, vocational, social service, and day service reports. I understand that information disclosed may include reference to or treatment for alcohol/drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and sickle cell anemia diagnoses, and/or emotional illness or developmental disabilities. Records of child and adolescent patients may include reference to parental emotional illness, including the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. I understand that any HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia information, and/or alcohol abuse/treatment information records cannot be re-disclosed without my express written consent or as otherwise permitted by 42 CFR Part 2 or 38 CFR Part 1. A general authorization for the release of medical or other information is not sufficient for this purpose. I further agree that a Photostat copy of this consent shall be considered as effective and as valid as the original. It is my specific intention that this informed consent and request shall be effective for a period of two years or until completion of the purpose for which this consent was given, unless I specifically withdraw this consent in writing. I understand that I may revoke this authorization at any time, except to the extent that action has already been taken in reliance upon this authorization and release of medical records. I also understand that I have the right to refuse to sign this authorization and release of medical records. I understand I may inspect and receive a copy of the disclosed information. I have read all of the above and understand the nature of this release and certify that it accurately reflects my wishes. There is a $75 returned check fee and a $75 fee for credit card charge backs; and FASTRACK RIDERS reserves the right to exercise every legal means possible to collect. In the event that Fastrack Riders is forced to take legal action to collect fees that are due to Fastrack Riders, YOU, the Customer agrees to be responsible for any and all legal fees and costs necessary to collect deposits, fees and monies arising out of returned checks, credit card charge backs and unpaid fees. YOU, the Customer covenants not to sue Fastrack Riders and further agree not to take legal action with respect to payment disputes. YOU, the customer grant Fastrack Riders and its agent’s permission to use Rider’s image and/or likeness in connection with any photograph, video display, or other transmission and/or reproduction in whole or part of the event. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. I am verifying that I have read and signed the Fastrack Riders’ release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement form’, Signature Date_________________________ Fastrack Riders will be placing a transponder unit on my car for this event and by signing this form I hereby agree that I will pay for the replacement cost (determined by Fastrack Riders) of the unit if I should loose or damage the transponder unit. I understand that if I do not return the transponder I will be required to pay for a replacement unit that it will be payable within one week of dated event. Signature Date______________________________ I hereby certify that I have valid medical insurance Signature Date_______________________________________ CASH CHECK # , DL, DOB CV # back of CC C.CARD #_________________________________ C.CARD EXP_______________________________ TOTAL $_________________ PROCESSED BY:_____________________________________ BILLING ZIP CODE__________________


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